To submit an abstract to this conference, follow these instructions:

  • The abstract should be submitted here.
  • It should be in English, with a maximum of 300 words, not counting the title and authors (12 pt Times New Roman font, except for the title which should be in 14 pt bold). Centre the title, the authors’ names, the addresses, four keywords and contact email address.
  • The following information must be provided:
    • Name and email address of the person submitting the abstract.
    • Name and email address of the Poster Presenter(s).
    • Name of the institutional affiliation, city and country for all authors.
  • It should emphasize what is new and why it should attract the attention of the audience.
  • A. If your paper is a reflection on practice your abstract should include information on:
    -Context: Aims and objectives of the practice; age of students/participants; country(ies); type of educational establishment/learning setting; whether based on your own or others practice, etc.
    -Theory: The main theories/theorists that inform analysis.
    -Analysis: The main points and conclusions of your analysis.
    B. If your paper is an analysis of your own empirical data your abstract should include information on:
    -Context: Clear statement of the problem that you are addressing, the characteristics that you are trying to discover or the proofs that you are trying to establish. These should then lead to declarations of project aims and objectives.
    -Theory & Methodology: The basis of the technique that you are using or the procedure that you have adopted in your study; state and justify any assumptions. The main theories that you draw on.
    -Results & Conclusions: Show illustrative examples of the main results of the work and a conclusion section, listing the main findings of your investigation.
    C. If your paper is a theoretical contribution not based on your own empirical data your abstract should include information on:
    -Context: Note factors that have prompted discussion.
    -Theory & Methodology: Summarise the main theoretical perspectives that inform the proposal.
    -Results & Conclusions: Outline main conclusions and implications.


The abstracts will be reviewed by members of the Conference Scientific Committee. 

The deadline for abstract submission is 25th  February 2017.
If you encounter problems at any point in the abstract submission process, please contact us in an e-mail to:


Bookings MUST be made via the conference booking form on the UPER-C website for both Presenters and Participants. Conference Bookings will open on December 15, 2016. We will not be able to take any bookings before that date.

*ONLY for Presenters:
You can delay booking your place at the conference until after you receive the abstract acceptance of your proposal. Please note that an email acceptance of your abstract still requires you to book a place at the conference. To do this, you need to:
a) use the on-line booking form on the website
b) pay the booking fee (Updates including details of the method of payment will be soon made available on the website.


Early Conference Registration (until 31/05/2017)
Students: 25€ / Non-students: 40€

Conference Registration (31/05/2017
Students: 35€ / Non-students: 50€

Students: 50€ / Non-students: 80€

*Every presenter has to book his place and pay the fee separately (even he/she participates in a group presentation).
*Return of 50% of the fee for cancellations made until May 31, 2017


We are pleased to announce that we will award 10 (ten) conference scholarships to international students who have presentations accepted. These scholarships will cove the cost of registration, accommodations and meals for the duration of the conference. The awardees will only have to pay their travel expenses to the conference. The selection will be based on the quality of the written abstract. The award would include the accommodation and the registration fee. Please complete the application form for the uper-C bursary “INTERNATIONAL_STUDENT_APPLICATION_FOR_UPERC_BURSARY” and send it to:

The registration fee includes

For Presenters

a. Paper presentation
b. Conference Abstracts (PDF on a USB)
c. Attendance to all sessions
d. Conference program
e. Name badge
f. Certificate of Presentation
or Certificate of Attendance
g. Conference bag
h. Snacks and coffee

For Participants

a. Conference Abstracts (PDF on a USB)
b. Attendance to all sessions
c. Conference program
d. Name badge
e. Certificate of attendance
f. Conference bag
g. Snacks and coffee

* Optional dinner: an additional 15€